Expression of Interest
Expression of Interest (EOI)
Short-listing of Digital Media Partner for five
years (2020-21 to 2025-26)
National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd.
7, Sarita Vihar Institutional Area, New Delhi-1100762

1. Introduction
2. Overall Objective
3. Indicative Scope of Work
4. Manpower requirement
5. Short-listing Criteria
6. General Instructions
7. Attachment of the Documents3

1. Introduction:
The National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd., New Delhi which is popularily known as FISHCOPFED is a national level federation of fisheries cooperatives and the apex institution of Indian Fisheries Cooperative Movement. It was established in 1980 as “All India Federation of Fishermen Cooperatives” and was renamed as “National Federation of Fishers Cooperatives Ltd.” in 1982. FISHCOPFED is governed under the Multi-state Cooperative Societies Act, 2002. It was originally registered under the Maharashtra State Cooperatives Societies Act as “All India Federation of Fishermen Cooperatives”.
FISHCOPFED aim is to serve, develop and uplift the socio-economic condition of fishers in the country. It facilitates, coordinates and promotes fishing industry in India through cooperatives. It has a mandate to undertake, organize and develop production, processing, creating fisheries resources, taking care of fishermen welfare, on boarding fishermen to the institutional financial mechanism through distribution of KCC, training of manpower, storage, transportation and marketing of fish and its products and also to manufacture and distribute machinery, implements and other inputs required for the fishing industry.
Fisheries that cover capture and culture fisheries both is an important source of food, nutrition, employment and income for massesin India. The sector provides livelihood to more than 28 million fishers and fish farmers at the primary level and twice the number along the entire value chain. Fish being an affordable and nutritionally rich source of animal protein, is one of the healthiest options to mitigate hunger and malnutrition. The contribution of fisheries sector in National economy is increasing year by year and during 2019-20, Gross Value Added (GVA) of fisheries sector in the national economy was 1.20% at current basic prices and about 7% share of Agricultureal GVA during the same period. The economy generated due to the Fisheries sector of India has shown impressive growth with an average annual growth rate of 7 to 8% during the year 2014-15 to 2019- 20. The fish production in India has registered an average annual growth of 5 to 6 % during last 5 years and stood at an all-time high of 141.64 lakh tons during 2019-20.
For tapping the huge potential of the fisheries sector, it has become essential to have a very sound policy for the sector and accordingly the Government of India in its Union Budget 2019-20 announced a new scheme- the Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana (PMMSY) with an objective to provide focused attention to this sector. This Flagship Scheme for Fisheries Sector is to bring about Blue Revolution through sustainable and responsible development in India at an estimated investment of Rs.20,050 crores. The PMMSY is being implemented in all States/UTs from 2020-21 for over five years as an ‘umbrella scheme’ and intends to address critical gaps in fish production and productivity, quality, technology, post-harvest infrastructure and management, modernization and strengthening of value chain, fisheries export competitiveness, traceability and establishing a robust fisheries management framework.

2. Overall Objective
FISHCOPFED as the only fishery cooperative at the National level is engaged for the implementation of various activities related to fisheries sector with an objective to provide 4 maximum benefit to fish farmers and fishers of the country. The aim of FISHCOPFED is to provide detailed information on various activities related to fisheries sector to every segment of possible beneficiaries. But the flow of information dissemination to the fishers by the FISHCOPFED is word of mouth based and not on the Digital Platforms. The dissemination of the quick information on time and to the right persons is only possible with the dedicated agency for the Digital information management of FISHCOPFED.
Accordingly, FISHCOPFED invites Expression of Interest from eligible agencies for appointment for establishing a dedicated Digital cell which will advise the FISHCOPFED on digital media related affairs. It will also advise on preparation of digital media plan, communication strategies, public awareness drives about the activities of the FISHCOPFED, social media management and facilitate information dissemination. It will also assist FISHCOPFED in social media analytics and putting in place a feedback mechanism system for improved functioning of FISHCOPFED. The scope of work to be taken by the agency has been broadly spelt out in coming section.

3. Indicative Scope of Work:
FISHCOPFED has invited Expression of Interest (EOI) from Digital Media agencies to facilitate utilization of various media platforms for maintaining Website, Dashboard, KPIs, creating awareness, publicity and dissemination of information about the schemes/programmes/activities of FISHCOPFED through social media channels. This will involve tasks as mentioned under, but will not be limited to these only.
• Supervise and manage FISHCOPFED website content and make regular updates.
• Social Media Analytics, Website Analytics
• Unlimited Archives for future to Analyse Data, Analytics tables / graphs etc.
• Capability of customizing period on the dashboard for trend analysis
• Deliver all Content / Analysis through a comprehensive online platform / Mobile App.
• Advise FISHCOPFED in planning, developing and implementing an effective and efficient communication and media strategy.
• Monitor and manage overall media engagement and acts as the primary contact for all media inquiries in consultation with FISHCOPFED to ensure appropriate media responses.
• Media details: Know pattern, impact etc. and accordingly advise FISHCOPFED. • Provide strategic counsel for advertising of FISHCOPFED various schemes, acts and related activities.
• Creation and/or Maintenance of Official accounts/pages of the FISHCOPFED on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Blogs and other relevant social media platforms 5 which may emerge in the future.
• Online Reputation management for FISHCOPFED.
• Developing e-Books/m-book/ Virtual Tour /e-Newsletter on Content shared by FISHCOPFED.
• Production of Audio-visual films as per requirement of FISHCOPFED on payment basis.
• Increase the social media followers by 5% every month.
• Give all Social Media Platforms an updated look as and when required by putting up new creative features, theme lines, links etc.
• Daily informative and promotional updates in the form of relevant text, pictures, audio, unique &interactive content, interviews, news, quiz etc.
• Help publicize all festivals, cultural events, National, International and Ministerial events suggested by FISHCOPFED, using these social media platforms.
• Moderation of all platforms with a frequency of once in a day in order to deal with spam, unauthorized advertisements, inappropriate content etc.
• Take all FISHCOPFED events Live across social media platforms on Content shared with the Agency.
• Enhancement of the reach of content through organized promotion on various social media platforms.
• Design backdrops, direction panels, and other awareness creating contents for various workshops/meetings/conferences/trainings organized by FISHCOPFED.

4. Manpower Requirement:
Two persons are required, out of which one person having knowledge of the Digital Media shall be stationed in FISHCOPFED, New Delhi office for day-to-day coordination during working hours and also during the emergent exigencies. The second person may be deployed off site by the agency but will be available over the phone.
Education qualification will be A post Graduate/Graduate from a recognized university in any discipline having experience and proven skills in digital media including electronic and print / apart from Content Management for Websites/Social Media Account Management. Excellent Skills in written & spoken English & Hindi, good working knowledge of MS Office/Excel, Social Media Management tools/applications, ability to collaborate with stakeholders & to perform under deadlines. 6 Age limit should not be less than 21 years and not beyond 60 years.
5. Short-listing Criteria:
Registered in India. Agency must be incorporated in India under the Companies Act, 1956 as amended from time to time and also Registered with Service tax Authorities etc.. Relevant documents in support of above criteria in the name of agency should be submitted by the Agency. The agency should not have been blacklisted by any of state/PSUs/ central government organizations.
6. General Instructions:
• Interested Agencies may apply by filling the formats indicated below. The complete proposal along with the covering letter of willingness for the assignment must be submitted not later than 11:00 AM on 25.05.2021 to the address given below: National Federation of Fishers Cooperative Ltd. (FISHCOPFED) 7, Sarita Vihar Institutional Area, New Delhi-110076
• FISHCOPFED may, at its discretion, extend the deadline for the submission of proposals and the same will be notified.
• Any proposal received after the closing time for submission of proposals shall be returned unopened.
• Every Agency will apply individually; consortium of agencies will not be permitted.
• Please note that the costs of preparing the proposal, including a visit to the Client for any clarification, are not reimbursable as a direct cost of the assignment.
• The applicant may note that mere meeting of the eligibility criteria or getting shortlisted does not entitle them for award of work.
• Duration of the assignment will be Five years from the date of signing of the contract or work order (whichever is earlier) and will be an escalation of 10% every year above the existing terms & conditions, subject to review of performance.
• The agency has to ensure that the prices / rates quoted are all inclusive of the manpower support required, procurement of equipment/software etc. for the project execution and continuous support during the entire contract period.
• The Agency selected will not use its name, logo or any other information/ publicity on content created under the scope of work as spelt out in scope of work on media platforms of the FISHCOPFED.7
• All material, artwork, etc. used in management of Media activities will be property of the FISHCOPFED.
• Content shared online must not violate laws in force.
• All the real and virtual creations will be the right of FISHCOPFED and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) will vest with FISHCOPFED.
• The firm will ensure data protection (secrecy) and ensure that no data is leaked to any person not authorized by FISHCOPFED.
• The payment will be released to the agency on monthly basis based on work achievement and satisfactory performance. The agency will be asked to submit monthly work achievement on Scope of Work. No advance payment will be made. All payments shall be made in Indian Rupees.
• In case the performance of the company is not found satisfactory continuously for three months, FISHCOPFED shall be free to terminate the agreement without any notice to the agency.
• The engaged company shall be free to end the agreement on one-month advance notice only to FISHCOPFED.

7. Attachment of the Documents:
• Name and Address of the Agency
• Registration Certificate of the agency
• GST Registration certificate
• Financial Quotation

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