FISHCOPFED is planning to expend its activities for development of fisher members of fisheries cooperatives for which necessary assistance and support is to be needed from the Government of India and the National Fisheries Development Board (NFDB) as well as other institutions. The future plan of FISHCOPFED follows:

  • FISHCOPFED has planned to implement the Hut Insurance for fishers with the approval of the Govt. of India.
  • The vision of FISHCOPFED is to cover all active fishers in all over the country under the PMSBY in the next five year plan.
  • FISHCOPFED is also planning to cover fishers under the Health Insurance, if approved by the Government of India.
  • FISHCOPFED will also start the Pond Fish & Fish Pond insurance scheme in the next Five Year Plan, if approved by the Government of India.
  • Target: To cover at least 50 lakh fishers by the end of 12th Five Year Plan under the PMSBY.
  • FISHCOPFED has requested the Delhi Agricultural Marketing Board to allot a shop at Wholesale Fish market, Gazipur, Delhi.
  • FISHCOPFED is planning to start wholesale fish marketing subject to allotment of shop at wholesale market, Delhi.
  • FISHCOPFED is also planning to start mobile fish retail marketing through its unit offices as well as Delhi H.Q. for which proposal has been submitted to Govt. of India/NFDB.
  • FISHCOPFED will do adequate campaigning and publicity for consumption of fish at Delhi & NCR.
  • FISHCOPFED will market fish on the pattern of Mother Dairy including branding of fish products & propagate franchise.
  • Target: Fish Marketing worth Rs.50 million by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.
  • FISHCOPFED conducts several training programmes on Transfer of Technology and other subjects/topics with the financial assistance of Government of India/NFDB.
  • The vision of FISHCOPFED is to provide training to all the fisher members in the country under the training & extension scheme and schemes of NFDB.
  • FISHCOPFED is capable to provide training to 10000 fisher members every year through its unit offices as well as through its H.Q.
  • FISHCOPFED is having good liaison with all the state fisheries departments in the country.
  • FISHCOPFED is having qualified panel of resource persons and also having officers who are having master degree in fisheries sciences.
  • Target: To train atleast 50,000 fishers by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.
  • FISHCOPFED has been bringing out two journals-one  bilingual quarterly journal namely “ FISHCOOPS” and one Odia quarterly journal namely “ Minaloka” which are supplied free of cost to the members.
  • The vision of FISHCOPFED is to bring out more journals in regional languages of the country through its unit offices.
  • FISHCOPFED will also publish data book of fisheries cooperatives and study materials related to aquaculture management from time to time.
  • Target: At least four journals and most of other publications by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.
  • At present FISHCOPFED is collecting data of primary fisheries cooperatives.
  • The process is continued and will be completed before the end of the current financial year.
  • After completion of collection of data of primary fisheries cooperatives, FISHCOPFED will start the collection of data of state & regional/district level fisheries cooperatives, District Fisheries Officers, SHGs in the field etc.
  • FISHCOPFED is also planning to collect the data of registered motorized boats & Catamarans.
  • FISHCOPFED will also collect the data of Reservoirs & other water bodies in all over the country.
  • FISHCOPFED has planned to start networking of fisheries cooperatives in the country and linking them to
  • FISHCOPFED and other stakeholders.
  • Target: FISHCOPFED shall network with all the fisheries cooperatives in the country by the end of 12th Five Year Plan.

  • Summary of Vision of FISHCOPFED for 12th Five Year Plan:

  • Management of Sassoon Dock, Mumbai/ Paradeep Dock (Odisha) for Post Harvest Operations/management.
  • Mobile Fish Retail Marketing in the capital and at least five state capitals.
  • Setting up of at least two ice plants-cum-Cold storage at Odisha/Delhi/Maharashtra.
  • Acquiring space in Gazipur wholesale fish market.
  • Acquiring at least five water bodies for demonstration-cum production units in the country.
  • Establishment of at least two training centers in the states of Assam, Odisha, A.P. and Delhi/U.P.
  • Setting up of one hatchery and one fish feed plant.
  • To provide training to 10,000 fishers every year under the training & extension scheme.
  • To enhance the marketing of trout fish in the country.
  • To promote marketing of dry fish & ornamental fish.
  • To open more unit offices in the state capitals of the country.
  • To cover all the active fishers in the country under the PMSBY and PMJJBY.
  • To organize workshops to create awareness among the members of fisheries cooperatives.

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